centre d'études et de recherches sur la vie économique des pays anglo-saxons


Welcome to CERVEPAS, the French research centre on Anglo-Saxon economies. CERVEPAS was created in 1991 at the Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III University.

The only French research team focusing on Anglo-Saxon economies, CERVEPAS has so far explored the following themes :

  • Deregulation in Anglo-Saxon economies
  • Anglo-Saxon economies as key drivers of globalization
  • Work and Labour in Anglo-Saxon economies : historical origins and modern specificities of the "model".
  • Regional integration in North America
  • Entrepreneurship in Anglo-Saxon dynamics
  • Innovation in Anglo-Saxon economies
  • The Anglo-Saxon model of capitalism

Since its inception CERVEPAS has organized 20 conferences and published 22 books.

CERVEPAS functions both as a research institute concerned with contemporary economic developments in Anglo-Saxon countries and as a forum for the exchange of ideas in this area. In addition to yearly conferences, research seminars and workshops are organized every two months. On these occasions members, particularly doctoral students, present and discuss their current research findings.