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Perspectives on Entrepreneurship: Cultures and Contexts?


Colloque international organisé les 13 et 14 septembre 2007 par le CERVEPAS, Université Sorbonne nouvelle - Paris III et la Business School d’Aberdeen, Robert Gordon University
Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen (format PDF)


Jeudi 13 septembre 2007


M. Azuelos (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III)
"The “fostering entrepreneurship” discourse: transatlantic cultural transfers in the New Economy Era"

De Koning & S. Drakopoulou Dodd (Alba Graduate Business School, Athens)
"Metaphors of entrepreneurship across cultures"


R. Hollander (Université Panthéon Assas – Paris II)
"Opening the door to entrepreneurship in the state of New Mexico, USA: public incentives and micro-loans"

M. Boyd-Clark & A. Cameron (Massey University, New Zealand)
"Having the best of both worlds/ Peri-urban entrepreneurship in New Zealand"

C. Coron (Université Panthéon Assas – Paris II)
"Educational and training profiles of entrepreneurs: a comparative approach between the United Kingdom and France"

M. Erogul & D. McCrohan (Zaayed University, Dubai)
"Socio-cultural factors inhibiting female entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates"

J.-H. Coste (Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris III)
"Entrepreneurship as Action in Discourse and Discourse in Action: From a Euro-American Epistèmè to a Transatlantic Change Paradigm"

A. Smith (Glasgow Caledonian University), L. Whiteside & S. Laurand
"Designing for diversity: accrediting the entrepreneurship summer school experience"


G. Wade (London College of Communication)
"Listening to the locals: explorations of how cultural norms persuade new C. I. entrepreneurs’ actions"

C. Auplat (Imperial College, London)
"Learning from each other: a survey of the entrepreneurship & institutional entrepreneurship literatures"

R. Smith (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) & H. Neergaard (Aarhus School of Business)
"An exploration of the embeddedness of enterprise cultures & discourses: and the re-scription of ‘The Danish-American Dream’"

A. R. Anderson (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) & L. Warren (Southampton University)
"Michael O’Leary: the construction of an extreme entrepreneurial identity"


Vendredi 14 septembre 2007


M. Robinson (Harper Adams University College, Shropshire)
"Cultures within a culture – is the entrepreneurial culture too narrowly defined?"

A. Steinerowski (UHI Millenium Institute, Inverness), S. Jack & J. Farmer
"Social entrepreneurship in a rural context: an ideological “state”?"

B. C. Offerle (Université Paris X- Naterre)
"Business across cultures in context: UK small entrepreneurs as new exporters"


I. Skowron (University of Paisley)
"Contemporary social dimensions of entrepreneurship in Poland. The investigation of Polish entrepreneurs’ perception of and response to the socio-cultural environment"

A. Coram (Aberdeen Business School)
"Economic theory: hard facts about reproduction, culture and vision"

R. Smith (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen)
"Developing culturally based social constructionist models of entrepreneurship"

S. Oueslati (Université de Poitiers, France)
"Interest group entrepreneurs as agents of policy innovation"

T. Fuller, L. Warren (Southampton University), P. Argyle
"The emergence of a new business model: a case of entrepreneurial strategy in practice"


T. Curtis (Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, University of Oxford)
"Social entrepreneurship in the public sector: the extrapreneur and other animals"

D. Halpin (Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen) & K. Vesala (University of Helsinki)
"Inside the muddle: entrepreneurship, agency and entrepreneurial agency"

Gerard McElwee (University of Lincoln)
"The parallel world of entrepreneurial farmers"